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The Lemons Family Reunion 2016
New Orleans

A family reunion is a great way to gather your family together even as it is growing and changing. It's an opportunity to celebrate your family's history, recent achievements, and new additions. A picnic in the park, a beach-side barbecue, or a state park gathering are all casual venues that will attract even the most aloof family members for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

The Lemons Family News Letter

Welcome to The Lemons Family News letter Website. This site is dedicated to keeping family members informed. I have always wanted a way to shair the information without the unpleasent commentart and gossope that other social media provides. When completed this site will features a calendar of events, health and fitness, press releases, links to family members in the news, blog postings by family members and other announcements about our our family Community.

Have you ever had the experience of going to a family reunion and having a hard time connecting with people at first?It wasn't that you didn't love each other or care for each other. It was just that you had been away from the details of their lives for so long that it was hard to know where to begin with them. In this age of rapid communication and ease of transport, it is amazing how out of touch with our extended families we become.