Live Bible Study Monthly at 6:30pm

Dr. Addis Moore is Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Kalamazoo Michigan.

The Live, Sunday Night Bible Study is at 6:30pm CT. Our study will be titled: Jesus Condemned Religious & Financial Exploitation. Our text will be John 2:13-17. What does the Bible say about finanical exploitation? How do many religous leaders expliot people financially by twisting the scripture in relation to the tithe? What is a proper and Biblical view on giving?

Dr. Addis Moore

Dr. Addis Moore is a dynamic preacher and teacher. He is known across the United States for his leadership and Life Application teaching methods. His focus is empowering people to change themselves and paying it forward by impacting and influencing the life of another.

He received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Saint Thomas Christian College, Jacksonville, Florida; a degree in Business Administration from Albany State University, Albany, Georgia; and a Bachelor of Religious Education from United Theological Seminary, Monroe, Louisiana.